Hynamics, a subsidiary of EDF Group, supports you in the development of your low-carbon and renewable hydrogen solutions with a turnkey offer

Our expertise

Decarbonise your industrial process

Industrial sites in fields such as metallurgy, refinery or glass-making use hydrogen continuously in their processes. Other sites in sectors such as cement works or steel can use hydrogen as a way to lower carbon intensity. Hynamics can install an electrolyser powered by low-carbon electricity (nuclear and/or renewable) on your production site to meet your industrial needs. This solution makes it possible to secure the hydrogen production and supply chain and to reduce carbon emissions linked to the transport of hydrogen. Our experts support you by designing an offer tailored to your needs, in line with your environmental objectives.

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Our expertise

Develop low-carbon mobility

To address air quality improvement issues, mobility players and transport companies need to transform their fleets through clean fuel. Hynamics supplies heavy vehicles in the public and private sectors in the land, river, maritime and airport sectors with low-carbon and renewable hydrogen produced by water electrolysis. As part of a partnership approach, we help you to link your charging infrastructure to supply your fleets.

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Our turnkey solution

  • Project development

    Hynamics defines a tailor-made hydrogen solution with local experts and partners, via a feasibility and execution study to meet your needs.

  • Investor/financing

    Hynamics invests in hydrogen production and distribution assets through project companies whose capital can be opened up to partners.

  • Construction

    Hynamics undertakes the execution phase with partners up to the industrial commissioning phase of the equipment.

  • Operation & Maintenance

    Hynamics is responsible for the operation and maintenance of hydrogen production and distribution facilities.

Reducing CO2 emissions by producing hydrogen via electrolysis

Working with Hynamics

  • Reducing your carbon footprint

  • EDF Group support and expertise

  • High-performance equipment at competitive prices

  • Collaboration with dedicated partners

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Does hydrogen offer a solution for decarbonising your industry? Do you have a hydrogen mobility project for your company or local authority? We'd love to hear from you!

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