Hynamics supports territories and companies in their energy transition

The advantages of our offer

  • Low-carbon and renewable

    Develop low-carbon heavy mobility

  • Environment

    Improve air quality and reduce noise nuisance

  • Networking

    Install hydrogen production facilities and refueling stations throughout the territory allowing easy access for all types of H₂ vehicles

  • Turnkey

    Benefit from a turnkey solution

Our customers

  • You are a public entity (local authority, regional council, etc.) committed to reducing CO2 emissions and developing the circular economy
  • You are an operator of a fleet of captive and private vehicles willing to move towards low-carbon mobility

Our offer: installation of electrolysers and refueling stations

Production of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen and distribution systems for vehicles equipped with fuel cells.

Visual: in-situ production of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen for heavy mobility

Contact our experts

Does hydrogen offer a solution for decarbonising your industry? Do you have a hydrogen mobility project for your company or local authority? We'd love to hear from you!

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