Hynamics is the EDF Group’s hydrogen subsidiary

In line with EDF’s carbon reduction policy, the creation of Hynamics in April 2019 is a new strong commitment by EDF to the energy transition. It is the result of several years of expertise acquired through its R&D centres located in Karlsruhe, Germany (EIFER Institute) and in France (EDF R&D). Hynamics develops several projects in the field of industry and heavy mobility.

Our expertise

At the core of our approach: customer satisfaction, trust and image


Quality, health, safety and environment

Hynamics respects all the applicable standards and regulations during all phases of the project.

Guaranteeing performance, technical and technological excellence

Hynamics monitors equipment in real time through its centralised supervision centre, a data control and acquisition system and its teams ready to intervene in the field.

Our values






A global presence

Hynamics has its headquarters in Paris and has a German subsidiary (Hynamics Deutschland). It develops projects in Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy) and globally (America, Asia, Middle East).


France Hydrogène - Engagée dans la transition énergétique Hydrogen Council Hydrogen Europe Deutscher Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Verband HySafe - International Association For Hydrogen Safety

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