Hynamics is fully committed to operating and maintaining your assets as a hydrogen producer and distributor. We have constructed a tailor-made offer to develop, design and build high-performance installations safely.


Hynamics’ expertise

Hynamics’ expertise in the hydrogen field provides dedicated support from project design to operation and maintenance of production and distribution assets, investment and construction. This turnkey offer provides the customer with expert, high-quality monitoring at each stage of development.

Our method

To produce and market low-carbon and renewable hydrogen, Hynamics has made the technological choice of electrolysis, which makes it possible to extract hydrogen and oxygen from the water molecule using low-carbon and renewable electricity. While the process of producing hydrogen by steam reforming emits approximately 10 kg of CO₂ for each kilo of hydrogen produced, the process of producing hydrogen by water electrolysis does not emit any CO₂. Thanks to low-carbon electricity sources (nuclear and renewable), Hynamics proposes to industrial customers and territories an environmentally friendly offer, which contributes in particular to improving air quality and reducing CO₂.


The electrolyser

Water electrolysis is a process that has been around for many years. Today, 95% of hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels. The evolution of the hydrogen market places electrolyser technology as the most mature, efficient and robust to produce low-carbon and renewable hydrogen. The EDF Group, through the expertise of the EIFER R&D centre located in Germany and specialised in hydrogen, has been interested in this new market since the early 2000s. The creation of Hynamics confirms EDF’s aim to put its expertise at the service of the energy transition.


What we offer

  • Turnkey service
  • Design and installation
  • 24/7 monitoring and control of facilities
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Continuous improvement of equipment performance
  • Risk and guarantee management
  • Replacement of major components
  • Performance and availability reports
Preliminary checks and analysis, end-of-guarantee inspection, transfer of ownership, inspection of the electrical system… Hynamics offers a wide range of services at each stage of the project.

Your benefits

  • Support

    A dedicated contact person

  • Performance

    A robust and efficient industrial solution

  • Third-party investment

    A dedicated financing model

  • Reduced carbon intensity

    Low-carbon and renewable hydrogen

Contact our experts

Does hydrogen offer a solution for decarbonising your industry? Do you have a hydrogen mobility project for your company or local authority? We'd love to hear from you!

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