Hynamics strengthens its presence in Germany

The EDF Group, with its subsidiary Hynamics, launches Hynamics Deutschland GmbH in order to offer industry and mobility players in Germany turnkey renewable hydrogen offers. [In French]

Press review

Hynamics, EDF's armed wing

L'Usine Nouvelle provides a portrait of 50 French hydrogen pioneers, including Hynamics, who set the stage for low-carbon and renewable production through water electrolysis. [In French]


Green light for Heide green hydrogen

The Westküste 100 project has been given the green light and confirmation of the German Ministry of the Economy and Energy's financing agreement. With this, it becomes the first hydrogen project to integrate the “Reallabor der Energiewende” program. [In French]

Our projects

AUXR_H2, Urban Community of Auxerre

First-phase installation of a 1 MW renewable hydrogen station for the short circuit supply of 5 buses from the Leo network (Transdev) and light commercial vehicles from autumn 2021. This station is more widely involved in the creation of a large-scale ecosystem conducive to the emergence of new hydrogen projects to decarbonise uses throughout the territory.


Westküste 100, Germany

Construction in Hemmingstedt, near Heide, in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, of a 30 MW electrolyser, one of the largest in Europe to date. Powered by North Sea wind farms, it will be installed and operated by the joint venture made up of the Heide refinery, Ørsted and Hynamics. A 700 MW extension project is being studied, the aim of which will be to decarbonise a cement works nearby.

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H2SHIPS, Interreg North-West Europe

Promotion of hydrogen as a key element of the energy transition of river and maritime transport through 3 projects: Port of Ostend, Port of Amsterdam and Port of Paris. Carried out in cooperation with 12 partners for a budget of €6.4 million, the European H2SHIPS project aims to develop technical solutions and establish an appropriate regulatory and economic framework.

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